Publicly Available Codes

  • TeV Halo Cosmic-Ray Self-Confinement Codes

    This code takes model inputs for the interstellar region surroudning an energetic pulsar, as well as inputs for the spindown power and specturm of said pulsar, and evolves the electron propagation in either 1D or 3D to produce an electron distribution after time t that can be compared with observational data, results are based on Self-Generated Cosmic-Ray Turbulence Can Explain the Morphology of TeV Halos by Payel Mukhopadhyay and Tim Linden

  • Time-Dependent Solar Modulation Models

    This code takes an interstellar cosmic-ray spectrum as input, along with models for the solar magnetic field strength, polarity, and tilt angle. It returns a cosmic-ray spectrum at the Earth, based on the model discussed in Constraining the Charge-Sign and Rigidity-Dependence of Solar Modulation by Ilias Cholis, Dan Hooper and TL

  • Tim Linden

    Assistant Professor, Stockholm University