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The Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess

Novel Physics with Neutron Stars

The Milky Way Galactic Center

High Mass X-Ray Binaries

TeV Halos

I have occasionally had the exciting opportunity to give presentations aimed at the general public. I've tried to keep a log of the talks (and their contents) here for interested parties to view. I hope to give more public lectures in the future, so please contact me if you have an an interested group looking for lectures on either Physics or Astronomy.

Note: Many of these lectures utilize Prezi, they are rendered here in both PDF and can be downloaded in Prezi format (which will provide the best fidelity).

Friends of Ohio State Astronomy and Astrophysics      Columbus, OH -- May 19, 2008
Conrad Sulzer Library      Chicago, Illinois -- July 11, 2015
Rockford Astronomy Club      Rockford, Illinois -- March 21, 2015
2014 Hubble Circle      Geneva, Wisconsin -- April 26, 2014
Montgomery Place Retirement Community      Chicago, Illinois -- January 24, 2014

Latest Results

Solar Gamma-Rays

The gamma-ray flux from the Sun is brighter, goes to higher energies, and has a more complex morphology than we thought.

TeV Halos

TeV electrons accelerated by pulsars may explain the diffuse TeV excess observed by Milagro.

Dark Kinetic Heating

Dark Matter collisions with neutron stars set a minimum neutron star temperature. This may be observable with next-generation instruments.